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Architect Mario Kleff introduced the cellular beam in Thailand 15 years ago. Since then, MK Architects have been experts in construction work with cellular beam in residential construction in Pattaya.

The use of cellular beam in residential construction has a distinctive advantage over post-tensioned concrete. These beams are very inexpensive when it comes to steel frame structure and at the same time offer a modern appearance in arch and design and bring added value for every house and villa or multi-storey condominium project.

Since MK Architects are the best in Pattaya, Mario Kleff combines the cellular beam with post-tensioned concrete in form of a composite structure and can so achieve long spans.

Cellular beam with post tensioning
Cellular beam composite design
Cellular beam in villas
Cellular beam in majestic
Cellular beam in penthouse

Mario Kleff's Park Royal 2 is the first with cellular beam

Park Royal 2 Condominium is built with a steel frame structure consisting of cellular beam and post-tensioned concrete slabs with spans of approx. 24x27 meter. The engineering solution for Park Royal 2 condominium was the first in the construction department of Pattaya City Hall. The designer and engineer is Mario Kleff.

Source: Wikipedia

The cellular beam is a further development of the traditional castellated beam. The advantage of the steel beam castellation process is that it increases strength without adding weight, making both versions an inexpensive solution to achieve maximum structural load capacity in building construction.

The difference between cellular beam and castellated beam is the visual characteristic. A cellular beam has round openings while the castellated beam has hexagonal openings, both of which are achieved by a cutting and welding process.

Cellular beams are usually made of structural steel, but can also be made of other materials. The cellular beam is a structural element that mainly withstands structural load laterally applied to the axis of the beam, and influences the overall performance of steel framed buildings. The type of deflection is mainly done by bending.

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