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High-rise building design Wongamat Tower condominium

The architecture design of the Wongamat Tower condominium in Pattaya was created by architect Mario Kleff in 2009. It is a high-rise building with 38 floors and 361 residential units.

Pre-2010, the design of the structure was ultra-modern and Wongamat Tower was the first iconic high-rise building with a signature showroom on Wong Amat Beach. Only years later, new projects were designed and built in a similar style.

Mario Kleff is an architect for lifestyle buildings and quality design in engineering and construction in Pattaya. Wongamat Tower is the first completed.

Wongamat Tower 02
Wongamat Tower 03
Wongamat Tower 04

Modern architecture design in Pattaya by the best architect

Wong Amat Beach in Na Klua is located in the northern region of Pattaya. The Wongamat Tower is just a few steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern seaboard of Thailand.

Large window panes offer an incredible view of the sea. Mario Kleff designed the building in such a way that residents of the high-rise condominium building can enjoy the sunset and the colors of the sea.

The balconies have transparent balustrades, which enable the view over Wong Amat Beach and the long beach of Pattaya from every corner of the apartments. In the spirit of modern architecture and tropical lifestyle, the architect Mario Kleff put a large swimming pool on the roof.

Wongamat Tower 05
Wongamat Tower 06

Architecture design in Pattaya that defines new standards

From every perspective, the Wongamat Tower is iconic in the form of modern and minimalist architecture in Pattaya. The innovative design of this high-rise condominium building is underrated. 

With its clean and simple lines of the structure and the transparent architectural appearance, the architect not only set a trend in Pattaya, but also set a new standard in the local construction industry.

Large spans were reached with post tensioning technology for the floor and ceiling plates. High quality concrete and steel were used for the construction. The building was completed in 2015.

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Wongamat Tower 08

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