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Scale model and miniature from MK Architects in Pattaya

To make a strong impression on the real estate market in Pattaya, a beautifully crafted architecture scale model cannot be replaced by CGI. Call architect Mario Kleff for the best you can get. MK architects produce handmade and laser-cut miniature for your architectural project.

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A high quality scale model made by professional architects

MK Architects are a team of architectural model experts. Our architectural model builders have more than 18 years of experience in creating miniatures made of paper, plastic and acrylic and even concrete. The finish can be airbrush, hand paint and colored plastics. We are only interested in a presentation of high quality work.

Present your real estate development, regardless of whether it is a high-rise or a luxury pool villa, including architecture scale model, 3D visualization and high-quality construction on the Pattaya market. That's how you will succeed in the real estate business.

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