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Beachfront Villa

Exposed concrete structure with span of 60m

Long Span Engineering Design with MK Architects Pattaya

MK Architects, led by Mario Kleff, has been pioneering long span and column-free spaces in villa and condominium construction in Pattaya for over a decade. With a commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of architectural design, Mario Kleff and his team have set numerous records in the region.

Mk Architects Long Span Cellular Beam

Record-Breaking Spans

In 2007, MK Architects achieved a milestone by constructing a multi-storey building with the longest span in Pattaya, reaching an impressive 41 meters. This feat demonstrated the firm's expertise in engineering design and structural innovation.

In 2023, Mario Kleff announced plans to install prestressed concrete beams with an unprecedented length of in a housing development project, further pushing the limits of long span construction in Pattaya.

Mk Architects 48M Cellular Beam

Mk Architects Cellular Beam Composite

Unprecedented Architectural Achievements

Mario Kleff's portfolio boasts several architectural marvels, including the creation of the longest cellular beam, the largest steel box girder, and the longest span between two columns in residential construction in Pattaya.

In the realm of high-rise buildings, MK Architects has designed structures with remarkable spans, such as achieving a 25-meter span between columns for , a tall structure standing 130 meters tall. Additionally, the Skypark and Parkside Shopping projects feature spans exceeding 30 meters, setting new standards for high-rise construction in the city.

Mk Architects Cellular Beam Post Tensioned Concrete

Advantages of Long Span Construction

While some may argue that similar designs exist elsewhere in the world, Mario Kleff emphasizes the unique advantages of long span construction specifically tailored for Pattaya. By convincing real estate developers of the practical benefits, MK Architects has spearheaded the adoption of such innovative designs in the city.

Mk Architects Villa with Cellular Beam

Embracing the Vibrancy of Pattaya

As Pattaya emerges as a vibrant and promising location, MK Architects invites residents and developers to embrace the city's beauty and potential. With sweeping views of the Gulf of Thailand and scenic hills, the firm advocates for column-free structures that maximize views and enhance comfort.

Pushing Boundaries of Imagination

Mario Kleff's vision extends beyond conventional architectural norms, offering bespoke solutions that transcend imagination. Whether it's crafting the most fantastic villa or conceptualizing high-rise towers with minimal structural support, MK Architects thrives on pushing the boundaries of possibility.

If you believe in the exciting future of Pattaya and aspire to create exceptional living spaces or landmark developments, MK Architects stands ready to turn your vision into reality.


Building dreams: Concrete ideas flow at Pattaya villa

MK Architects 70 Meter Construction Span

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Mario Kleff The Touch

Mario Kleff The Touch Location

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Question & Answers

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What are some of the records set by MK Architects in Pattaya's construction industry?
MK Architects, led by Mario Kleff, has set records in Pattaya's construction industry, including constructing the longest cellular beam, the largest steel box girder, and achieving the longest span between two columns in residential construction. Additionally, the firm has designed multi-storey buildings with impressive spans, such as a 41-meter span in 2007 and plans for prestressed concrete beams of 70 meters in length.

What are the advantages of long span construction in a city like Pattaya?
Long span construction offers several advantages in a city like Pattaya, including maximizing views of the Gulf of Thailand and nearby hills, enhancing comfort by eliminating tight columns that obstruct views, and providing unique architectural aesthetics. These designs not only create visually stunning spaces but also contribute to a sense of openness and luxury in residential and commercial developments.

How does MK Architects envision the future of architectural design in Pattaya?
MK Architects envisions a future of architectural innovation and creativity in Pattaya, where long span and column-free designs become synonymous with luxury living and iconic landmarks. By embracing the city's vibrancy and natural beauty, the firm aims to push the boundaries of imagination, offering bespoke solutions that cater to the evolving needs and aspirations of residents and developers alike.

Mario Kleff: A Brand in Architecture and Design

Symbol of Innovation and Structural Design

MK Architect stands for Mario Kleff architects, representing the renowned German architect Mario Kleff, who has made significant contributions to the fields of architecture and design. Over a span of just over fifteen years, Mario Kleff has solidified his position as a leading figure in the industry, creating a brand synonymous with architecture and iconic structures. Properties associated with the Kleff brand in Pattaya's real estate market are highly coveted, primarily due to their exceptional resale value, attributed to their association with distinguished architectural styles and distinctive building features.

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