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Long span and column-free spaces in villa and condominium construction in Pattaya have been carried out by Mario Kleff and MK Architects for over a decade. The longest span of 41 m for a multi-storey building in Pattaya was in 2007. In 2023, Mario Kleff intends to install prestressed concrete beams with a length of 70 meter in a housing development in Pattaya.

Mario Kleff has set several records in residential construction in Pattaya, including the longest cellular beam, the largest steel box girder and the longest span between two columns.

In high-rise buildings, MK Architects have created a span of 25 m between columns for a tall structure of 130 m – The Touch. The largest span for a high building that Mario Kleff has designed is over 30 m. The project is called Skypark and Parkside Shopping. Both high-rise projects have achieved an official building permit, but were not completed on site.

People may say that this has already been designed in other parts of the world... but not in Pattaya. It has been built in Pattaya-City since the architect Mario Kleff convinced real estate developers that such a construction has serious advantages. In 2023, MK Architects Pattaya developed and completed real estate projects with long span.

Long span concrete girder
Long span concrete slab
Long span cantilever
Long span floor
Long span girder
Long span box
Long span MK

Mario Kleff creates long span in high buildings in Pattaya

If you also believe that Pattaya is an exciting city on the Gulf of Thailand, with an incredible view over the ocean and obvious hills nearby, why would you build a house with small grid lines and tight columns that block your view and limit your comfort?

Pattaya has become a vibrating location with a great future. Call MK Architects to get a suitable house with column-free window panes of 60 m in width, or build a condominium tower that can offer loft design on a large scale – see the plans for a proposed high-rise project on Wong Amat beach in north Pattaya. A draft design for a building with a height of over 200 m with only 3 supporting columns and spans up to 34 m.

The architect Mario Kleff builds the most fantastic villa you have ever seen and creates high-rise buildings for real estate developers who want their project to be outstanding on the international market. The limitation is your imagination.

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