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Condominium and construction design by Mario Kleff Pattaya

Architecture design and construction of 8-story condominium buildings in Pattaya by Mario Kleff and MK Architects, which specialize in the development of low rise and high-rise buildings.

The architect Mario Kleff and his own construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD designed and built numerous residential buildings between 2006 and 2012 from the beginning of Pattaya real estate boom, including the Park Royal Series and Laguna Heights.

With new construction technologies such as composite structure with post-tensioned concrete and cellular beam, Mario Kleff introduced modern industrial architecture in Pattaya.

That said, reducing construction costs is not recommended for the construction of industrial styled condominium buildings near the sea. The most important building materials that the local construction team uses are high-quality concrete, steel, aluminum and glass.

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Condominium construction design from 3,000 to 10,000 m2

In Pattaya, the construction of 8-story condominium is in the range of 3,000 m2 for smaller projects and up to 10,000 m2 for larger buildings. Much relates to the construction regulations and environmental impact assessments (EIA). That is why Mario Kleff's teams begin an architectural design with a professional master plan.

Small condominium developments often have the disadvantage of being aesthetically present on the real estate market.

Therefore, the exterior design of the building must be well planned in order to maximize the number of units in relation with the construction square meter of the condominium, and to still be good looking.

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Modern and contemporary condominium architectural style

If there is the question about modern and contemporary living space in Pattaya, there is different interest in different groups - those who come from Europe prefer a contemporary architecture design with modern technologies; Chinese, Korean and Japanese love modern building architecture with a touch of Thai exotics on the interiors and landscape.

MK Architects and Wandeegroup Asia provide 3D design from classic and contemporary architecture design to ultra-modern engineering solutions. A Mario Kleff condominium design, which is built by his Wandeegroup builders, is either way of the highest quality in structure and completion.

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