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Good real estate development begins with a professional master plan for the project. This gives everyone involved an impression of what the design looks like. Master plans created by MK Architects are exquisite and very detailed.

The architect Mario Kleff has developed numerous large real estate projects and high-rise, starting the master plan with AutoCAD drawings and CGI visualizations. To do this, it is necessary to understand the entire construction process including architecture and technical design, the system and the project budget in order to correctly present the layout.

Our knowledge differs from other architects in Pattaya city that have neither an internal engineering department nor an associated construction company. MK Architects are designers, engineers, builders and contractors at the same time and plan the real estate project from start to finish - from villa and resort to condominium and hospital.

Master plan 3D
Master plan colour
Master plan CAD

Team work creates the best in master planning project design

Another significant advantage that a construction project receives from the master planning is improved communication. Since the architectural master planning is the first step of the design phase, it requires the entire information of a project.

If Mario Kleff of MK Architects is supposed to do this perfect, he has to work with all other teams involved. Architectural master planning requires a considerable amount of cooperation and knowledge of the regulations from the local building authorities to the Environmental policies in Thailand to receive the official building permit and EIA approval.

Coordinated efforts are one of the most advantageous elements of all efforts by a good architectural team. That is why MK Architects are the best-in-class in Pattaya.

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