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To get the best in arch and design for modern villas, MK Architects in Pattaya offer post tensioning techniques and earthquake-proof construction methods. The basis of a modern building is defined by high-grade steel in ultra-high-strength concrete. Mario Kleff's construction company Wandeegroup Asia is building buildings with 420 to 1000 KSC concrete.

Luxury villas and condominium high-rise towers are defined with the quality of the technical design plan, not with decoration. Architect Mario Kleff creates buildings with post-tensioned foundation, post-tensioned ground floor, post-tensioned columns, post-tensioned beams and post-tensioned slabs. Important above all – long span.

High quality steel and concrete construction by Mario Kleff

MK Architects are not afraid of steel! In Thailand, low quality concrete is often used as the main carrier material for structural elements. We think differently. A well appreciated amount of steel, which is sealed with marine concrete, is the better alternative for structures that are built in Pattaya near the sea.

Post-tensioned beam
Post-tensioned ground floor
Post-tensioned slab
Post-tensioned H-beam
Post-tensioned composite

Construction with concrete post tensioning design is up high

Post tensioning or PT, has become increasingly popular in the past two decades because the technology has been perfected. At a time there were problems with the corrosion of the cables, especially in swimming pools and parking structures, but high-grade steel, better concrete mix, and construction methods have eliminated most problems.

Post tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel bars also known as reinforcement bars or rebar:
- It reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking
- Cracks that do form are held tightly together
- It allows slabs and other structural members to be thinner
- It let designers create longer spans in elevated concrete elements
- It supports earthquake-resistant design

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