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Luxury pool villas designed by the architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya offers you the best advantage in the real estate business in 2023 – MK Architects deliver high-quality turnkey projects. We plan every villa project unique in design and offer added value in the construction process. Each villa has a signature plate with the name of the architect and the year of construction. MK Architects and Wandeegroup Asia has been a strong team since 2005.

The construction quality of the villas built by our associated construction company is unsurpassed. Starting with a solid foundation that offers column-free spaces up to the roof, we only accept the best materials and professional craft work.

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Mario Kleff - The best in design and construction in Pattaya

MK Architects and Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD can build any architectural style beginning with the design of the master plan. However, since the chief architect comes from Germany and also studied Japanese architecture, a modern and timeless design is preferred. If you are interested in industrial style or brutalist architecture, Mario Kleff is definitely the best choice in Pattaya when it comes to modernity in luxury villas and condominium buildings.

Modern architecture, or modernist architecture, was an architectural movement or architectural style based upon new and innovative technologies of construction, particularly the use of glass, steel, reinforced and post-tensioned concrete and cellular beam; the idea that form should follow function; an embrace of minimalism; and a rejection of ornament and decoration – Mario Kleff, "I hate decoration".

That said, architectural styles can be fashionable, and when a style changes it usually does so gradually, architects learn and adapt new ideas. The new design is sometimes just a rebellion against an existing idea, such as modernist architecture developed into post-modernist architecture. Therefore, a good architectural style is a set of characteristics and features that make the building or the structure notable and identifiable.

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