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Mario Kleff Architects is the most innovative design team in Pattaya with turnkey construction services to create luxury in villa and condominium projects with foreign and Chinese investments. MK Architects plan and build real estate developments according to the budget and control the costs from start to finishes.

We offer a wide range of services from architecture and engineering drawings to construction planning, shell construction, interior finish and landscaping. We provide a genuine building permit and handle the environmental impact assessment process (EIA) for larger projects including high-rise construction, resort and pool villa in Thailand.

Because of our integrated consulting and construction companies, MK Architects actually build design! Check out our earlier projects, which proves our level of experience in the field of Arch design and construction management in Pattaya.

View on Google My Maps some buildings in Pattaya designed by Mario Kleff. Learn more about MK / Mario Kleff trademark.

MK Architects is the signature of property development

With Mario Kleff Architects, every design plan for a new real estate development in Pattaya comes with a detailed BOQ and a precise estimate. Mario Kleff has been in the real estate business in Thailand since 2004 and has designed over 150 buildings.

General architectural services such as 3D modeling and rendering, handmade and laser cut scale models are carried out in the finest quality.

Construction design from Mario Kleff Signature Architect

Every architect in Pattaya requires a construction company to build villas, resorts, hotels and condominium towers. MK Architects, lead by signature architect Mario Kleff, work with Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD and Wandee Super Span Co LTD teams that have been in business for 19 years.

Post tensioning, cellular beam, super structure, long span and cantilever are the basic solutions for residential construction that our construction teams have offered. We perform all solutions with high-quality steel and ultra-high performance concrete. Further basic work is professional water pipes, swimming pool systems, electricity and air conditioning systems.

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